Saturday, December 18, 2010

Training Log: December 12 to December 18

After feeling awesome in Canada a couple weeks ago, I caught a nasty cold that put my training on hold for a week. This week, I felt progressively better, albeit a bit tired. I still have something funky going on in the sinuses, but I think I'm getting closer to being healthy again.

With Nationals coming soon, I'm focusing on threshold type efforts and muscular endurance. With a pretty tough work week, I was able to squeeze in about 10 hrs of training and 17,300 vertical. Here is a summary of my efforts:

Today, Jon, Tim, Jason, Andy, Graham, Bart, and I had a little "Fun Rando" gathering in Little Cottonwood. We set a 1000 vertical foot course up with a mini-booter, and ran 4 laps. The first one was breaking trail in a blizzard. After that, the weather cleared a bit, and we were able to burn 3 laps, giving us 3 solid 15 minute threshold efforts.

Here is the time/altitude graph:

And my corresponding HR:

One more week of hard training, and then I'm going to start tapering down.


Anonymous said...


I'm interested to know what sports watch/software was used to generate your training log.

Many thanks


Jared said...


I use a Suunto T6 and Suunto's web-based software