Saturday, November 13, 2010

Training Log: November 7 to November 13

Sunday:  2.5 hrs, 10 miles, 4200 ft.  Easy.  Ran Grandeur Loop.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2 hrs, 3200 ft.  60 min of threshold; easy rest of the time.  Skied at Snowbird with Bart, Tom, and Quinn.  Fat skis (95 at waist, yeah), broke trail.

Wednesday: 1:15, 7.5 miles, 1000 ft.  Easy.  Foothill run.

Thursday: Intended to do interval session, but the alarm went off and I pulled the covers over my head.  Worried about making a sinus infection worse.

Friday: 1.5 hrs, 2950 ft, 8x4 intervals at my hill on Alta.  Was slower than last week.  Max HR 181.

Saturday: 4.5 hrs, 5750 ft.  3x20 subthreshold to threshold.  Easy the rest of the time.  Burned a lap up Hidden Peak at Snowbird, then met Brother Aaron, Billy D., Jeremy, and Walt for some action in Cardiff and off the Black Knob.  

Total: 11.75 hrs, 17,100 vertical.

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Tanner Cottle said...

95mm is fat? I haven't ever been on an adult ski narrower than that. In fact my everyday touring skis are 108mm and the ones I just bought are 120mm