Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reminded of my Illustrious CX Season

Last night at the DMV I had a good giggle as I watched Rico stand up to attack and then throw his chain and coast the downhill with it dragging on the ground. I saw sparks. I gave him a bit of grief about it, and in return got this email, attached to which was the photo below. It made me smile, again.


This is probably one of my favorite CX photos ever....enjoy!!

Chaindragger Rico

Both of my thumbs still hurt from what ensued a few moments after that photo was taken. I think a somersault with a back twist was involved.


Faceless Ghost said...

Ah, the look on your face is priceless.

Team Rico said...

I knew you would enjoy it as much as I do

old school said...

Another aspect of this photo that I really enjoy is that your son is sitting on his yellow bmx bike in the background looking the other way completely oblivious that his dad is about to eat it. And, knowing that you probably only attempted to bunny hop the log believing that he was "watching" makes it even that much more priceless.