Sunday, May 4, 2008

Build 1

I'm in a build phase now, trying to put more hours in than usual and stressing the system more than usual. To that end, I put a nice (for me) 4 day block in this week. Last year, I did the Gila around this time, which was a hard block, and two weeks after I got back, I felt like I was going pretty well. Hopefully, I'll get similar feelings this year; results would be nice too.

Day 1: 2 hrs skiing at ~10,000 feet with 2 30 min. LT efforts. This workout is good for the aerobic system and strength. Downside is that the next day it can be hard to get the legs spinning normally.

Day 2 was a ride up Big Cottonwood canyon, focusing on fast cadence to get the legs spinning and focusing on getting some time on the bike. On Storm and Silver Fork, I got in a few efforts.

Day 3 was a leg breaker prescribed by the DH, which entailed doing 6 laps on a 750 foot 11 minute steepish climb. Sharp and Jon took it to me on the first 3 laps, and then went to soccer/lacrosse games. I started this workout at 5:30 in the morning and was done by 9:30.

Day 4. I wasn't looking forward to Day 4, but the MTB crew -- Bart, Stupidbike, Alex G. and his roommate, Ohran (who burned it up Dry Creek today) -- saved me and helped me get in a good ride.

Next week will be even bigger, I hope.

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