Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Speed Work

This morning I did a fast-paced workout up Neffs. According to the more reliable Suunto, I logged 5305 feet in 1 hr 38 minutes. I was hoping to make it to the top in under 1.5 hrs. I think if I had not taken water breaks and catch-my-breath breaks, I might have made it. Oh, and I was trying some new 3/4 length skins that weren't gripping the greatest.

In any event, I was relatively pleased; I think I'm making good progress for next month's rando-racing. ~3000 feet per hour isn't great, but I think it's competitive.

And for those who think that there isn't any good snow anymore . . . I think I logged over 3000 feet of nice creamy pow, and it was still fun on skinny skis.

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