Saturday, December 15, 2007

Flagstaff -- Days Fork -- Reed Benson Ridge

Tour with the usual suspects this morning. Up to top of Flagstaff, down Days, up to RB ridge, down, up again (to find my lost skins), down again, up out of Days, and down the south face into Alta.

Up Flagstaff:

Main Days:

RB Ridge (look carefully and you can see my boot pack up to find my lost skins):

Technology nowadays is pretty cool. The above was done with my Garmin 305, Motion Based, and Google Earth. Here is a link to the Motion Based file -- kind of fun to play around with it on Google Earth:


old school said...

Dude, that is some hi-tech stuff. Way cool. It's nice to know such a tech-savvy, back-country guru. By the way, I think you "lost" your skins on purpose so you could get in an extra run.

Nick Scott Family said...

Do you ever work???

Jared said...